What is Sharpbox?

I often create a plane with a bright luminance just to use it as a reflection caster. You’ve probably seen me doing this several times in my tutorials. It’s an easy task, but I do it so often that it makes sense to have a preset to help me skip the boring part and save some time. And time is money my friend, so why waste it?
So Sharpbox is a simple tool made to create specific sharp reflections. It’s not a revolutionary ultra complex set, it’s just made to be simple and easy to use.

Although it’s not meant to use as a light source, you can turn on Global Illumination and check the results. Again, it’s not a light but it can do the trick. Just make sure Seen by GI is turned on.

Some examples where Sharpbox is used

sharpbox example 1

MOTION DROP V01.4_test_03

How to use Sharpbox?

And the price?

You may donate whatever you find fair.

donate-now  22KB

Cinema 4D R13 or above

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