Timelapse – Abstract #01

I’ve been busy these days updating this website and my own personal portfolio. I realised that I hadn’t create any artwork/still image in a very long time. So I decided to mess around with Cinema 4D and After Effects in order to create a still image that would look cool. I had no plan, no goal, just wanted to have fun. And why not to record the process and make another time lapse video?
So after the artwork was complete and the video recorded, I thought… “This video is boring… Let’s add some sound”. So thinking about what music to choose I thought… “You know what? Let’s go big! Let’s create a our own time lapse soundtrack. So a few more days messing around with Ableton Live, and what was supposed to be a quick project, became an endurance…

Finally everything is done and I’m free to share it with you. I’ve just added it to my artwork porfolio. Now I’m thinking about the next one.

And by the way, here’s the recorded process:

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