Add easy reflections and light your scene with GI using the sharpbox.

It’s fast, easy and free!


I often create a plane with a bright luminance just to use it as a reflection caster. You’ve probably seen me doing this several times in my tutorials. It’s an easy task, but I do it so often that it makes sense to have a preset to help me skip the boring part and save some time. And time is money my friend, so why waste it?
So Sharpbox is a simple tool made to create specific sharp reflections. It’s not a revolutionary ultra complex set, it’s just made to be simple and easy to use.

Although it’s not meant to use as a light source, you can turn on Global Illumination and check the results. Again, it’s not a light but it can do the trick. Just make sure Seen by GI is turned on.

Some examples where SHARPBOX is used

How to use the SHARPBOX?

And the price?

You may pay whatever you find fair in the donate page.


  • Requires Cinema 4D 13 or above


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    Awesome work, mate..

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    you the best nice work



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