Create your own custom studio in no time.

What is MY STUDIO?

MY STUDIO is a parametric studio with some cool features.


Drop My Studio in your scene, edit your Background’s size and rounding with simple parameters.

Go further by enabling Room, wich will get more reflections into your objects and boost Global Illumination (if enabled).
Edit the colors for your walls and get different results in your renders.
Set the walls on fire to enable your walls to emit light (GI must be turned on).

Great for product design, graphic design and motion graphics.

Some examples where MY STUDIO is used

How to use MY STUDIO?

Get MY STUDIO here


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  • Cinema 4D 13 or above.
  • PC or MAC


  1. Fernando Lardizábal

    Nice, product… Have considered making a Octane version?

    • Gustavo

      Working on it

  2. dimpo

    Very Nice! Thank you for your products!
    It will be great if you include all this beautiful
    light examples inside of plugin


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