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What is Motion Drop?

“ latest favorite Cinema 4D preset rig.”
Joren KandelThe Pixel Lab

Motion Drop is the tool that I wished someone had invented a couple of years ago.
It’s capabilities are endless, and the results are amazing!
I’ve been working on this for a while now, and felt like this could be something useful not only for me, but for every motion artist out there.

Have you ever seen those sweeped lines moving around with an organic feel, like if they really had life? Well, to create that effect is nothing new these days. The problem is that it’s a painful process, and the results sometimes end up not being very organic.

Motion Drop lets you create up to 6 (I call them Drops) that randomly move around each other.
You can change their overall Radius and length (Tail). The Speed in which they move around each other can be set manually, so you can have some Drops flying around faster than others. You can also set the distance from each Drops Generator (starting point) to the previous one and tweak the randomness of each Drop’s movement by changing its Seed.
Link them to a spline and animate their position with a pre-built Follow Path function, and add some movement noise by crancking up the Distance, the Speed, and changing the Seed of their Generators.

Add them to a cloner, sit back and enjoy the hypnotising gorgeous effects!
And guess what, they’re Dynamic! Which means that you can blast cubes and other objects that get in the way of these nasty little Drops.
This and so much can be done.

Some examples where Motion Drop is used

Motion Drop + Sound Effector
A bit of simple Xpresso was used to link Motion Drop to a Sound Effector. The results? Hipnotyzing!!!

motion drop experiment_01
Dynamics in action

How to install Motion Drop?

How to use Motion Drop?

Send me your experiments

By the way, feel free to send me your motions, stills, work or experiments made with Motion Drop. I’ll choose the best examples to showcase here on

And the price?

You may pay whatever you find fair in the donate page.




download.zipย  118KB

Cinema 4D R13 or above

67 thoughts to “Motion Drop”

    1. Instructions are next to the file:
      “Paste the file mmg – motion drop.lib4d into your Cinema 4D install folder under library/browser

  1. Hey there,

    When I try to use slow motion effect with those drops, by changing the “time scale” under project settings, it doesn’t work. How can I make them affected by the that time scale setting ?

    Thank you.

    1. I don’t think that will work. To change its speed you’ll need to change the “speed” under the Generators.
      If you find out how though, I would love to know ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Hi. realy nice plugin, but I got C4d 10R and put whole folder MMG – Motion Drop 1.1 in browser dir. and try even put just mmg – motion drop 1.1.lib4d file, and I see the file but when try open nothing happen.

    Is that plugin for 10R version too, or up from 10R ?

    thank you

  3. Hi, Must be sometihng wrong with my PC or I do something wrong, for example I make this printscreen and I make exact same for install, but never show me nothing on content browser, but Iluminati work without any problems.

    Thank you for any support, and for really great presets.

        1. I just tried to install it again and it works fine here.
          Go to MAXON/Cinema 4D (your version)/library/browser and delete any motion drop content there. Copy motion drop to that folder again and restart C4D. Does it help?

  4. Hey there,

    One question;

    Is it possible to make it follow a path right ahead, rather than lingering around it while following the path.
    Hope you got my drift.

    1. If I understood your question:
      Set the distance 1 to 0: the first drop will follow the path.
      Set the speed (all) to 0: drops will stop to wiggle.

  5. Hi, it seems that dynamic mode work only with a cloner object. I tried with rigid body tag on an object with multiple childs (but out of a cloner), and the drop is totally ignoring it even with Dynamic mode enabled. Any clue ?

      1. Yes He loves it…the fact that his music generated it is very special to him…thanks for the great tutorial on how to use Motion Drop…it took 135 hours to render in HD format due to the material settings and lighting…but I think the results speak for itself…thanks again

  6. Question:
    Hi there. How to connect an object like a ball a pyramid or something.. in front of a trail..following a path?


  7. Hi I’m using R15 broadcast and there is no “mode” tab under motion Drop’s Object tab, is there something I’m missing?

  8. hello oh plizz i want to try it but how download this plugin can anybody help me and show me step by step plizzzzzzz i need it right now

  9. Hey, i would like to use the plugin, but i can’t install it. I have mac, and you say i put the file into library, i’ve got a library with 500 other folders inside, i also tried putting it in de plugin folder of cinema 4d, didn’t work neither…. Please help! Can you say the exact folder where i put the file in? THX

  10. Hey dude, thank you for this, looks like a sick plugin but I need some help. Once I install it, I place it into my library -> browser folder and it’s fine. But once I open C4D I go to presets and the folder is there but if I go into the folder, nothing is there? I’m on windows 8 by the way.

    1. I also get weird results with the physical renderer. Polygon shards and the drops are oddly formed. Has any had success?

  11. Hi ! Great idea ! Is it possible to use a “rectangle: or “square” as the “extruded shape” instead of a “circle” ? Thanks, Gabriel

  12. Hi great plugin and thanks for the tutorial. However as a newbie I cannot get the collision detection to work for the cubes. You just whiz over this bit in the tutorial. I have enabled dynamics on the Mesh tab, setup up some cubes in a Cloner using a Dynamics tag, enabled and set to trigger on collision. Nothing happens over and over when I try to get them to break apart when the worm flies through. Very frustrating. It would seem more needs to be set than you mention in the training video.

    Hope you can advise.

  13. hey Gustavo!
    been a while..
    here’s couple more clips i’ve used motion drop in.
    this is obvious –

    and this less obvious (i’m also using symmetry to break up the shapes)

    hope all is great in MyMotionGraphics land!!

  14. Hi,, really great work. i was wondering how to change the shape of each drop of the 6 separately, i tried to click on drop 1 and tweaked the shape curve in mesh bar, but when I activated other drops it changed the shape of all of them, i tweaked the curve again selecting drop 2, but it changed drop 1 as well.

    thanks a lot and keep up the good work.

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