the NOTA Effector Plugin

NOTA Effector Plugin Overview

Check out this super plugin that has just been released.
More tutorials about it soon.
Get the NOTA effector right here:

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8 thoughts to “the NOTA Effector Plugin”

  1. Any idea what happened to the NOTA Effector website? All links lead to a webpage with nothing but “Problem” and “I’m a Troll” links.

    1. All I get is a page with several links on it that say “Problem” or “I’m a troll.” Clicking on any of them just reloads the same page. Very strange.

      1. I have tried several times in the last few days and unfortunately their site seems to go down quite often (and is currently down). Hopefully they’ll get the problems worked out soon. I would really like to purchase NOTA Effector, assuming an R13 version is coming out, while they are still offering a discount.

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