How to use The Illuminati

The Illuminati


What is The Illuminati?

Not really a secret society that rules the world. Well, at least not in this case…

Wouldn’t it be great to have a very simple tool that could evenly illuminate your scene and render super fast? A tool that could give your scene soft and great looking results?

Some examples rendered with The Illuminati

Test render
My laptop took 19 seconds to render a FullHD of this image
The Illuminati_render_01
Great for type animation
Pushing The Illuminati to the limit using, GI and reflections at a cost of a longer render time. The background is the built-in sky, a mix between the gradient and a custom HDRI!
FullHD took 54 seconds to render!
FullHD took 54 seconds to render!

So what is it????

The Illuminati is a lighting setup, that places lights using geometry.
It starts as a spherical shape, that you can latter on change into a different shape of your choice.
Here’re some stuff you can do with it:
Change the size of the its shape using the Scale option.
Set the amount of lights using the Complexity slider.
Replace the built-in sphere with the Object field.
Change the light intensity with the Intensity slider.
Use a Gradient interface to give some colour to your scene, or an HDR image, or even both!
This and more, so if you’re into knowing more about it, check the tutorial below.

How to use The Illuminati

Send me your experiments

By the way, feel free to send me your motions, stills, work or experiments made with The Illuminati. I’ll choose the best examples to showcase here on
Please use wetransfer for this purpose, and send it to

And the price?

You may pay whatever you find fair in the donate page.

donate-now  49KB

Cinema 4D R13 or above

26 thoughts to “The Illuminati”

  1. Hi.
    Great plugin.
    One thing thou, maybe i missed something, but i have an issue when using Physical renderer, if i do a render in the editor window everything is black and white, if i render in picture viewer everything is ok aka color gradient used in lights is how i set it up in the plugin.
    Hope u understand what i’m trying to say here 🙂
    Tried it on two machines and same problem poped up on both.

    1. Yes I know.
      Interactive render region won’t render as it’s supposed to. So avoid it. Couldn’t do anything about that.
      Thanks for the feedback 🙂

  2. pozdrav,
    imam jedan problem sa Iluminatima tj. nemam u presetsu ono što ti koristiš za svijetla (MMG iluminati).
    kako to skinuti ili doči do toga??

  3. Hey there,
    before I go and download Illuminati I have a quick question, Does it work with Cinema 4D r14 Lite?

  4. I’m using Illuminati with R15 under Windows 8 Pro x64 with an nVidia Q2000 graphics card. I also get a totally black object on a white background when I try to use the physical renderer. In addition, I get the ASSET ERROR on my first standard render, but the plugin seems to work with that error.

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